Combing 101

Combing 101

My six year old grandson came to visit last week; he was quick to brag about skipping 4 haircuts.  Looking like Jungle Boy in the Tarzan movies, he had changed quite a bit since I saw him last; he always had close-cropped hair.

The next morning he used wet hands to plaster down his hair on top, back and both sides … only a few cowlicks remained.  He said he wanted his hair to look like mine — giggle, giggle.  Not sure if I was offended or honored, I gave him a comb.  He carried that comb in his pocket all day, proudly showing it off to his older cousins, but never using it. Eventually, his hair dried out and returned to its natural disheveled self.

The next morning, I saw him in front of the mirror trying to use his new comb; I wished he would have chosen a larger mirror.

Thought for the Day:  Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.                                                      James Baldwin

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