About a week ago, my daughter gave me a Monarch caterpillar she found in my milkweed garden.  She has been raising Monarchs for 3-4 years so I thought I might give it a go.

I started a journal and gave it a name, DP-1, which comes from the Monarch’s scientific name, Danaus plexippups.  It–no idea what gender–is about 1/2″ long in this picture and currently lives in a plastic sandwich box.  A fresh leaf every other day keeps it fed, but daily cleaning of its “dorm room” is required — yes, even caterpillars need a diaper change.

Geez, lots of responsibility, like raising kids; when do they smile?

Thought for the Day:  Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do.                                                                                                                                            Dr. Benjamin Spock

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