Monarch Hatching

Nature’s Wonder

This is my second butterfly “raised” and released, DP-2.  Like clockwork, it hatched on the 10th day of pupation.

When the larva (caterpillar) pupates, it spins a cocoon-like shell around itself hanging from the bottom of a milkweed leaf or the top of the jar in my case.  The chrysalis (cocoon) is green as I showed with DP-1. (click here)    On the tenth day, the pupa turns black, as seen in the left hand picture above.  This image is enlarged to show the orange and black wing of the monarch encased inside.

I wasn’t there to see the “hatching”, but the beautiful creature hung from its shell (right hand picture) for a couple hours letting the blood fill its veins.  Then it fell to the bottom, dried its wings, tested them, and flew off.  What a sight!

Thought for the Day:  I’m not afraid … I was born to do this.                    Joan of Arc

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