Trick or Treat

Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley

Look who rang my door bell last night!

I recognized Harry Potter, forehead scar and glasses, but had to ask about his sidekick.  Ronald Weasley, I was told, and his friendly rat, Scabbers.  Having never read any Harry Potter books, the bell-ringers were polite enough to indulge me.  The black cloaks, lined with red satin, had hoods and the official crest of Griffindor, their house from the Hogwart school of wizardry.  The scarfs were the school colors of Griffindor … could have been Iowa State alums for all I knew.  I was relieved to hear the magic wands were replicas.

Geez, what happened to the pillow-case ghosts?

Thought for the Day:  Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.                                                                                                           Albert Einstein

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