Viet Nam revisited

Smoke Break

There were 6-8 guys I’d call Army buddies; didn’t know any of them from Adam, but all of our lives crossed paths in Viet Nam.  While still in country, we scheduled a reunion more than two years hence — in St. Louis, under the arch on July 4th, 1974.  Since the reunion, I maintained contact with two of them … for awhile.

I’d lost contact with one of them because he was constantly relocating with his job.  I  retained contact with the other one through Christmas cards, but he committed suicide  over ten years ago.  About six months ago the guy pictured above (the one on the left, Duh!) tracked me down through social media.  He lives in Florida now.

He was in town this week so we got together for lunch, a three hour catch-up that our wives patiently endured.  That was good for the soul!

Thought for the Day:  No event in America history is more misunderstood than the Viet Nam war.  It was misreported then and it is misunderstood now.          Richard Nixon

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