Ephraim D. Muro

Larry & Ephraim, 2016

I met Ephraim D. Muro in early 2016 during a mission trip to Moshi, Tanzania.  Standing in line for a pot luck dinner at his church, he insisted that I go first, which then became a point of respectful disagreement.  Knowing how age was so respected in their culture, I was somewhat offended that he wanted me to go first.   Geez, do I look that old?!   No, he said, but I was the guest and there would be no further argument.

Over lunch we quickly got acquainted and we shared our ages; he was 80, much older than me but sure didn’t look his age.  I said, “Really?  You look like a spring chicken”.   When I explained what that meant, he roared with laughter, and from then on called me his “young brother”.   We enjoyed each other’s company for the remainder of my stay, and have continued correspondence ever since.

I received word that Ephraim passed away early yesterday.  He was an intelligent man, retired school teacher, author, director of the church’s three choirs, and dedicated family man with a quick smile, warm heart and boundless faith in God.  Many friends called him, “Teacher”.   I learned a lot from him … and will miss him dearly.

Thought for the Day: Where there are experts there will be no lack of learners.                                                                                                                              Swahili Proverb

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