Raging River

The Platte River crosses the entire state of Nebraska, collecting water from several small rivers and streams, and finally dumping into the Missouri River near Plattsmouth, NE. — about 10 miles downstream of this photo.

It has the reputation of being “a mile wide and a foot deep”, which it normally is … except for this freakish spring. Following the wettest February in state history with over 20″ of snowfall, March came in like a lion. While the western part of the state was having one of the worst blizzards in history (heavy snow drifting from 70-90 mph winds), the eastern half was seeing a warming trend with heavy rains. Heavy snow melt combined with impervious frozen ground quickly filled small streams, compounding the flow as it fed into the smaller rivers and ultimately the Platte and Missouri, each reaching record levels of both height and volume .

At last count, 31 towns were either flooded or cut off by the rising water. Ranchers in the west lost livestock in the blizzard, especially newborn calves. Cattle and wildlife are stranded on islands in the east. It will be several days before the damage can be fully assessed.

Thought for the Day: Adversity introduces a man to himself.
Albert Einstein

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