Favorite Memory

My favorite childhood memories include visiting my cousins that lived on Jeffrey Lake, 5 miles south of Brady, NE. Especially in the summer, when we could swim three times a day (60 minutes after each meal), play baseball and explore the County’s junk yard.

What made this all possible was my uncle, who was buried a few days ago in the Brady cemetery at the ripe old age of 97. An avid fisherman and hunter, he was always eager to share the fun of the great outdoors. One morning he woke up five boys before dawn and took us fishing. My oldest cousin and I got lucky catching 4-6 lb (fish story) carp using grasshoppers we had caught the night before. Uncle Glen alerted me to the nibble, and I couldn’t have landed that whale of a fish without his guidance. He was more thrilled than I was.

Uncle Glen met the textbook definition of honesty, integrity, and grace. What a role mode he was! He lived so far away, that I didn’t get to see him but twice a year at the most, but he sure left me with the fondest memories of my childhood.

Thought for the Day: Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating.
John Wooden

One thought on “Favorite Memory

  1. What a great tribute to Glen. We were so disappointed that we could not go to the service, but we also have good memories. G and H


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