Flood Aftermath

A month after the Elkhorn River left its banks and unleashed Nature’s fury on nearby towns and farmland, I visited Graske Crossing, a popular boat ramp near Elkhorn, NE. A small area with half dozen picnic tables, a couple grills, parking for 15 and a very nice concrete boat ramp was once a popular takeoff and landing spot for canoeists, “tubers” and kayaking.

The large cottonwood tree pictured came from somewhere upstream and found its resting place on two picnic tables when the water receded. A tree much larger than this is still stuck under the bridge shown in the background. The current water level is 10-12′ below the feet of these young lads.

How many years will it take to return to “normal”?

Thought for the Day: There’s nothing better than a jolly good disaster to get people to start doing something.
Prince Charles

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