I couldn’t pass this date up without showing the Stars & Stripes.

Seventy-five years ago today, June 6, 1944, the largest amphibious invasion in world history took place on the French coast of Normandy. The Allied forces (U.S, Britain, Canada, Australia and French Resistance) invaded France to liberate them and all of Europe from Nazi Germany’s Third Reich. D-Day!

The invasion started at midnight with 4,000 heavy bombers and 4,700 fighter planes, followed by 800 planes dropping 20,000 paratroopers behind enemy lines. At dawn, the amphibious force of 5,330 ships landed 175,000 troops and supplies. The Normandy beaches were heavily fortified with artillery, machine guns and 850,000 German troops.

The heroism, gallantry and sacrifice of all those involved, allows Old Glory to fly proudly today.

Thought for the Day: They fight not for the lust of conquest. They fight to end conquest. They fight to liberate.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

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