Wychmere Beach Club

My best friends celebrated their 50th anniversary at Wychmere Beach Club on Cape Cod on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. The weather was perfect for the Harwich Chamber of Commerce ads and travel agency photos.

The story goes back farther than 50 years. We all knew each other in high school, but the groom and I go back even farther — grade school, best friends in high school, college roommates, etc. I felt privileged to be there to help them celebrate their marriage and friendship.

It was a beautiful day!

Thought for the Day: Stick to one model.
Henry Ford’s response to the reason for the success of his 50 year marriage.

2 thoughts on “Wychmere Beach Club

    1. As the lucky groom+50, I am honored to have you as my best friend for over 65 years, as well as having you both at our celebration. Thanks for serving as our chief photographer. You’ve helped preserve one of the most perfect days of our lives.


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