Going Bananas

Market Day is the busiest day of the week in the small village of Mwiki, Tanzania. Farmers bring their produce, and merchants bring their wares. Bananas are the most popular food item traded at the market.

Just about anything you think of can be found at this open air market. Grains, fruit and vegetables, spices, cow and goat milk in open five-gallon buckets, live chickens and goats, pots and pans, utensils, clothing new and used, shoes, leather goods, jewelry, games, repair shops, trinkets, custom sewing, a wide assortment of fabrics, laundry items, butcher shops, and cell phones.

Buying, selling and trading; commerce in its most basic form. No plastic money or ATMs.

Thought for the Day: A wise person will always find a way.
Tanzanian Proverb

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