The Maasai tribe met us outside their compound. The drums were loud, the women were dancing and chanting with an occasional high-pitched scream, and the men were hopping around like kangaroos. From a standing position the men would launch themselves high in the air and dramatically land flat footed like they were trying to make the ground shake. Rather intimidating … and, we were outnumbered.

The men casually approached us, draped us with their colorful blankets and invited us to dance with them. After “introductions”, we were welcomed inside their village where they showed us their way of life. Each of us were escorted by a man inside his tiny stick-and-mud house. Talk about up close and personal!

Boy, those guys have some HOPS!

Thought for the Day: There is no wi-fi on safari, but you will find a better connection.
African travel brochure

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