Marabou Stork

Storks enjoyed a favorable connotation when I was a kid. The myth about the stork delivering babies was known world wide, and illustrations always presented them pleasantly; i.e. happy, friendly, trustworthy, reliable, etc.

That reputation was shattered when I met the Marabou Stork in its natural habitat — the local garbage dump in Tanzania. Perched high in the tree overlooking the refuse they are beautiful and majestic when they take flight, gliding on an 8-9′ wingspan. On the ground they stand 4′ tall, and from a distance they appear to be wearing tuxedos strutting leisurely with a very self-assured look.

For a balanced diet they join the vultures at a kill sight, picking the bones clean after the big cats and hyenas have their fill. Uggh!

Thought for the Day: If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.
Vincent Van Gogh

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