4147 1/2

Addresses with “1/2” added to the house number are not uncommon in the old parts of large cities. Why? During the Depression, people decided to rent out half their house to make ends meet, so they divided their house into two “residences” and “1/2” was added to distinguish the two.

But, this picture shows two residences side by side with “1/2” added to the house number. What!? This view is the back of the original brick house. On the front of the house are two identical doors without the “1/2” added to the house number. The original brick house, built in an upper middle class neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska in the 50’s, was divided to make a duplex. This created a new address, 4145, half way between the neighboring house, 4143, and the original brick house, 4147. Later on, the basement was developed into two more apartments, making a fourplex and creating the new addresses with “1/2” added to the house number.

For my first year of marriage, over 50 years ago, 4147 1/2 was called home while I finished my last year of school at NU. It was cold and damp, a linoleum-tiled floor with a small bedroom, an even smaller kitchen and a “great room” that barely fit a couch, portable TV and desk. We were livin’ man!

Thought for the Day: Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.
Theodore Roosevelt

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