The passing of our beloved Fancy, the fourth of our family dogs, is an end of an era. For over 50 years we have been met at the door by a wagging tail — all were good dogs. But Fancy had more personality than the other dogs combined, and the most trusting dog I’ve ever known. She would allow anyone, babies thru adults, to pull her tail, hold her feet and even take food out of her bowl while she was eating. She even loved seeing the vet!

She was fifteen, giving us the most wonderful 13 years of fun, frolic, companionship and comfort. Fancy was a rescue dog, less than two years old, when she wandered into a small Iowa town during a blizzard. My guess is she got loose at a near-by I-80 rest stop and got lost doing what she loved most; i.e. finding her next best friend. Her heart was filled with a never-ending supply of love and kisses … for everyone.

I know she is happy now, chasing squirrels around the Rainbow Bridge.

Thought for the Day: … so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
The Rainbow Bridge

2 thoughts on “Fancy

  1. So sorry for your furry friend loss. She was lucky to find your home where she was loved for so many years. She definitely was a friendly dog. It has been a lot of years but I remember the quiet when you come home.


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