Olde Towne Elkhorn

The sculpture of Willa Cather welcomes visitors to take a seat, take a rest, catch your breath, etc.

The sleepy little town of Elkhorn, NE, just a few miles west of downtown Omaha, has been swallowed up by Omaha’s urban sprawl and is now part of Omaha. But the two-block stretch of Elkhorn’s original “downtown” has retained its Nebraska small-town charm.

New store fronts, new and wider sidewalks, an art studio, small shops and several good restaurants have made Olde Towne Elkhorn a destination. The area is especially popular on weekends — something for all ages, a great family atmosphere. People arrive early and stay late. Willa awaits your acquaintance.

Thought for the Day: Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.
Yogi Berra

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