Christmas Past

This is the oldest family picture I could find with a Christmas tree, taken by my older sister. Wow! We really got dressed up for Christmas morning.

I remember the time spent with my Dad shopping for the Christmas tree: going to several grocery store lots looking for the perfect tree. I would hold up the tree, while my Dad walked around and inspected it for straightness and fullness. The final, and perhaps the most important feature, was the tree’s smell. If he couldn’t smell it, it wasn’t “fresh cut”.

Decorating the tree was a family event (ordeal?). I liked hanging the bulbs, but tinsel was like a prison sentence — especially when we had to take it off after Christmas to reuse it next year.

Thought for the Day: It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters, it’s who is around it.
Charlie Brown.

One thought on “Christmas Past

  1. Love this picture. I remember your parents so well. My mom always says what a nice nice man your dad was.
    Ahhh…Yes !the tinsel!! We saved it too. Hated it when mom made us put it on one at a time, was easier to just throw it in the air and let it drape at will.
    And, Jesus on the wall- love it!
    Merry Christmas, Lar


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