Christmas, 1992

A Christmas Eve tradition was to read, “The Night Before Christmas”. This year, 1992, when all of the kids were beyond the “Santa Claus stage”, I chose a more recent version of the famous story: “Cajun Night Before Christmas”.

Definitely a change of pace; e.g. Santa in his muskrat suite, riding a skiff through the swamps pulled by gators. It follows the same story line, but reading the Cajun dialect is a challenge.

This Cajun version of the famous story was reread for six other Christmas gatherings, including two with grandchildren.

Thought for the Day: Last page of, “Cajun Night Before Christmas”

He jump in his skiff
An’ crack his big whip.

De ‘gator move down
An’ don’ make one slip.

An’ I hear him shout loud
As a splashin’ he go

“Merry Christmas to all
‘Til I saw you some mo’! ‘

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