In Sync … Almost

Track is hard!  I mean very difficult, a real challenge to the uncoordinated; events like the hurdles, high jump, and triple jump (formerly called"hop, skip and jump", it must have sounded too "hop scotchy" for big-time track enthusiasts) require a lot of technique and coordination. I watched a middle school track meet the other night. … Continue reading In Sync … Almost

Grunge Ball

During a photo shoot of a local high school senior, I noticed how beat up his football looked.  So I isolated the ball in his firm grip, converted it to B&W and started playing with different grunge-looking effects.  This is pretty mild compared to some grunge effects I've seen, but I like the way it … Continue reading Grunge Ball

Smash Mouth

Now that Labor Day is behind me I can concentrate on football, my favorite sport -- that is spectator sport.  Play football?   Are you kidding me!?  I could get hurt!  I played flag football in 7th and 8th grade and tackle football in 9th grade.  That was enough for me; I finally realized how important … Continue reading Smash Mouth


One of the things I like best about photography, as opposed to videography, is the ability to freeze a moment in time.   In this photo, the aspiring young gymnasts are waiting their turn on the high bar.  At this moment in time, there are mixed emotions visible on the faces, like boredom, awe, and anxiety. Maybe in … Continue reading Teamwork

Fading Away

Summer is starting to fade away; organized baseball is over and for the most part, the brightly colored gloves are collecting dust in the closet.  Thankfully, colored gloves (even pink, for cryin' out loud!) are made only in the smallest sizes, where participation and fundamentals take priority over keeping score.  I suppose colored gloves make some … Continue reading Fading Away


Vignetting is a photo-editing technique used to help draw the viewer's eye to the intended subject.  I apply it on certain photos that have above average appeal to me, but have distracting backgrounds; the ugly chain link fence that is always present at little league ball games is a perfect example.  This photo would be … Continue reading Vignettes


Does anyone really like major league baseball?   Uggh, is there anything more boring than watching grown men pretending to be enthused while they "play" their way through 160 games extending from April to October?  ... in a sport that condenses the action of a three hour game into a 30 second film clip on the … Continue reading Dadgummit!

Note to Self

The Little League baseball and softball season is winding down, so make a note to yourself to come back next season and watch for the Player of the Week and Play of the Week series.  I'll still be showing action sport photos throughout the year, because that's what I do, but not as frequently as … Continue reading Note to Self


Meet Josh, a 2.8 year old slugger who likes to imitate his big brother ... and any other baseball player he sees on TV.   Josh, son of Jason and Melea, attends Westwood's Mom's Day Out and his favorite subject is ball. Josh enjoys any sport with a ball, but this is baseball season.  He'll play … Continue reading Mini-Me

Belts and Suspenders

Everybody should have a back-up plan.  NASA calls it "Fail-Safe"; i.e. if something fails there is always a back-up system to ensure safe completion of the mission.  The military calls it contingency planning, smart businesses may call it "Alternate Plan B", and short lived businesses call it "Oh _ _ _ _!".   I call it "belts … Continue reading Belts and Suspenders

Player of the Week

Meet Jack Huffman, an eleven year old slugger that plays for the Gretna Legends.  He is a fifth grader at Rohwer Elementary, where math is his favorite subject.  He is the son of Todd and Amy Huffman.  Jack plays bigger than he is; he's not big for his age, but he's very strong for his … Continue reading Player of the Week

Player of the Week

Meet Zach, Player of the Week, a well-rounded athlete who plays baseball for the Elkhorn Storm.  Zach, 11, is  a  fifth grader at West Dodge Elementary where science and math are his favorite subjects.  He is the son of Scott and Amy.  His season batting average is .296 with an on-base percentage of .477. Zach is a … Continue reading Player of the Week

No Place Like Home

The phrase, "no place like home" has nothing to do with baseball, nor does it pertain to   real estate, upscale furnishings or higher standards of living.  The phrase is an observation of life.  Its nice to travel to exotic places, see how the "other half" lives, taste new foods, experience different cultures, discover some little-known fact to impress your friends with your Cliff … Continue reading No Place Like Home

Player of the Week

Meet Brody, Player of the Week, a nine year old pitcher who plays for the Royals in the 9/10 Elkhorn Slugger League.  He's a third grader at Fireridge Elementary, where math is his favorite subject.  His parents are Jack and Janet. Brody is all business when he is on the mound.  He never takes his … Continue reading Player of the Week

Donkey Baseball

Remember donkey baseball?  Slow-pitch softball, really, but it was all played on donkeys.  During the blistering hot summer, farmers and ranchers would all come to town on Saturday night, especially when the carnival was in town.  If the carnival included a  donkey baseball team, a game was often scheduled as a fund-raiser in small mid-western towns. Town dignitaries … Continue reading Donkey Baseball

Player of the Week

Adam Meet Adam, Player of the Week, who plays for the White Sox in the Elkhorn Baseball League.  Son of Caleb and Erin Hunt,  Adam is a fourth grader at Hillrise Elementary in Elkhorn.  His favorite subject is history. How would you like to be standing in the batter's box waiting for a pitch from Adam?  It would … Continue reading Player of the Week

The Great Imposters

Brush BackI'm always amazed at how well little leaguers imitate big leaguers.  Take a good look at the two 9 year old players in this photo.   The batter has on a full uniform, just like the big leaguers: shoes with "spikes" (rubber), knee socks, pants, liner and jersey, and batting helmet.  A lot of young batters even … Continue reading The Great Imposters

Play of the Week

Voo Doo HexA game of 11 year olds provided this chance meeting of distant cousins at second base.  It looks like the second baseman is trying to put some kind of hex on the base runner, who happens to be his 3rd or 4th cousin, whatever that is.   Does anyone really understand what a 3rd cousin … Continue reading Play of the Week

Wild Pitch

Eye on the BallThis post will open the flood gates of sports action photos; after weeks of rain outs, cold weather and postponements, the little league baseball season officially got underway this past weekend.   I attended two ball games and took over 400 photos at each game, so my "pantry" of photos is quickly being restocked. This … Continue reading Wild Pitch