Wild Pitch

Eye on the BallThis post will open the flood gates of sports action photos; after weeks of rain outs, cold weather and postponements, the little league baseball season officially got underway this past weekend.   I attended two ball games and took over 400 photos at each game, so my "pantry" of photos is quickly being restocked. This … Continue reading Wild Pitch

Mop Head

 March is almost over, and I just realized that, for the most part, we have been spared the relentless, strong and blustery winds we usually get in March.  I'm sure they will get here eventually. This photo was taken during a soccer game last spring when the winds were howling.  This little girl finally gave up trying to … Continue reading Mop Head

Student of the Game

The warm spring weather we've had the last couple of days really has my "trigger finger" itching to shoot some sports action photos.  I know the teams have been practicing, trying to knock off the rough edges and get in shape.  So have I, checking and organizing my equipment, as well has practicing action shots of … Continue reading Student of the Game

100 Faces

 Poker face?   Hardly.    This pitcher was very animated, wearing her emotions on her sleeve as they say.   With every pitch came a new facial expression; everything from triumph (Yes!  That was a great pitch!) to resignation (That was the worst pitch ever.) and everything in between.  In this photo, she seems to be pleading with … Continue reading 100 Faces

Bubble Gummer

I don't know about you but I'm anxious to get outside and take some pictures.  I feel like a hibernating bear, living off the fat (pictures) I built up before winter arrived.  Until the young gladiators take the field of battle, I'll probably be posting photos from last season. This particular photo is a second … Continue reading Bubble Gummer

Pep Talk

Baseball, America's pastime.  Even though I made a humorous poster out of this picture, the coach was really trying to get the nine-year old pitcher to believe in himself.    The kid, all hat, glove and feet, reminded me of a Norman Rockwell character. Thought for the day:  I've reached the age where Happy Hour is … Continue reading Pep Talk

Best of Baseball, 2009

This is the best baseball picture I took in 2009; it's not my favorite, but technically, I think it is the best.  It was the magic hour of photography, when the light is soft, and in the pitcher's face.  The subject is in sharp focus, and the background blurred, so your eye is not distracted from the main point … Continue reading Best of Baseball, 2009