Grist Mill

Roaring Fork Grist Mill This is a small grist mill along the Little Roaring Fork River in Great Smoky Mountain NP. It's right on the road of a six mile motor trail that starts in Gatlinburg, TN. Easy to get to; you can visit this place in your flip flops. Thought for the Day: America's … Continue reading Grist Mill


Hidden Mouse

Hidden Mouse Childhood memories drew me to this old barn; the old milk can gave me flash backs of my grandparent's farm and the "milk route" they had, supplied by five Holstein cows. Gunny sacks, hay bales and watering cans were commonly found on the farm; however, I don't recall them being stored so neatly. … Continue reading Hidden Mouse

Bobby’s Helmet

The bobby's helmet rested on the corner post of a lonely bench in back of Beatrix Potter's home in England's Lake District.  The bobby (slang for English police officer) was no where to be found. The rainy day did nothing to discourage visitors to the site; there was a steady stream of hardy souls wandering … Continue reading Bobby’s Helmet