Cape Cod Bright early morning sun and a soft wind promised a glorious spring day on Cape Cod. It was Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend. We had fought so much traffic in yesterday's rush to reach the Cape, I expected to see half of America getting their boats ready. Nobody. The dinghy looked tired, … Continue reading Dinghy

Bird Bath?

When I was a kid, I wouldn't have thought twice about drinking from this public drinking fountain.   My Mom always warned, "Don't put your mouth on the spigot", but I never knew why or gave it a second thought.  The mouth guard, that clam-shell shaped thing behind the spigot was supposed to prevent people … Continue reading Bird Bath?

Carhenge vs Stonehenge

Not much more I can add to what has already been written about the mysterious site called, Stonehenge.  Ho hum.  What's to get excited about?   A bunch of stones stacked haphazardly out in the middle of a sheep pasture.  Its about what I expected, just another tourist trap. After all, Stonehenge was merely a … Continue reading Carhenge vs Stonehenge