Pinwheel Power

Pinwheels were everywhere, I mean everywhere.  Pinwheels could be found in people's yards, sidewalks, drive ways, on street corners, athletic fields, businesses, flower pots, tied to traffic signs, car antennas, as lapel pins, and churches. Aspen loved pinwheels.  Within a few days of his tragic accident, the entire community was blanketed with pinwheels, supporting Aspen's struggle for … Continue reading Pinwheel Power

Hanksville, Utah

This isn't Hanksville, UT; sorry for the bait-and-switch, but if I did show you a picture of Hanksville, UT you probably wouldn't continue reading my blog.  This is an Aspen forest at the top of a mountain pass, about 11,000', on UT-24 on my way to Hanksville, UT.  The map says UT-24 is a scenic … Continue reading Hanksville, Utah