Wow, and I thought pelicans were homely; this is definitely a face only a mother could love. Seriously, is this the thing that delivers babies?! Thought for the Day:  His mother should have thrown him away and kept the stork.                               … Continue reading Stork

Smash Cake

Remember your first birthday?  Of course you don't, maybe that's why we put so much emphasis on life's first major milestone.  I get very excited over First Birthdays, especially the part where they dig into the cake. In my day there were no "smash cakes", a special little cake for the One Year Old to … Continue reading Smash Cake

Random Thoughts

Even a four-year old has random thoughts.   Four year olds generally just ask lots of questions, but once in a while they surprise you with a statement that makes you wonder what goes on in that little head.   Out of the blue, my grandson starts talking about "girl babies." He says, "Girl babies … Continue reading Random Thoughts