Chagga Banana

Chagga Banana The predominant tribe around Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania is the Chagga. Except for a few Maasai, most of the people I met with during my two week visit were Chagga. One of the highlights of the trip was a dinner hosted by the Bishop of the Northern Diocese, Dr. Frederick Shoo, an … Continue reading Chagga Banana

Bananas — Wonder of the World

I love bananas.  I love bananas raw; I love bananas on my cereal.   I like banana bread, banana creme pie, bananas foster, banana splits, banana pudding, banana yogurt, I even like watching monkeys eat bananas ... oh, but I digress. Bananas are a small miracle when you think about it.  I buy bananas 2-3 times … Continue reading Bananas — Wonder of the World