Taxi? ... Bus? ... Car? ... Rik Shaw? ... Anyone?  There won't be anything by here for quite a while.  This is Beatrix Potter's house outside the very tiny village of Near Sawrey in England's Lake District.  Its sister city, Far Sawrey, is even smaller.  Not much in the way of public transportation up here. … Continue reading Taxi?

UK Sign

I was frightened when I saw this sign.  I needed to use a ferry to reach Beatrix Potter's home in England's Lake District, and I knew I didn't have the correct change, so what were my options?  I couldn't turn around, I was boxed in on a narrow one-way road with cars stacked up behind … Continue reading UK Sign


Meet Tweed, a Harris Hawk trained to hunt.  I met this magnificent creature in Overton, England.  Tweed is owned by John, pictured below, who owns the Mallards B&B where we stayed for four nights.  (BTW, Mallards B&B was the best B&B out of the six we stayed during our two weeks in the UK.) I … Continue reading Hawking