Favorite Memory

Brady, NE My favorite childhood memories include visiting my cousins that lived on Jeffrey Lake, 5 miles south of Brady, NE. Especially in the summer, when we could swim three times a day (60 minutes after each meal), play baseball and explore the County's junk yard. What made this all possible was my uncle, who … Continue reading Favorite Memory

Nebraska Sandhills

I have many fond childhood memories of my cousins in Brady, Nebraska (click here) and the surrounding sandhills.  Reuniting with them for their mother's funeral this weekend was a chance to recall those carefree summers at Lake Jeffrey. Things I remember about visiting my cousins include my Aunt Marge's (her name was Marjorie, but we … Continue reading Nebraska Sandhills

1958 Memory

One of my favorite childhood memories is visiting my cousins in Brady, Nebraska; this picture in particular is fresh in my mind.  My uncle took my brother and I and his three sons to fish in the fore bay of the Jeffrey Lake Reservoir.  We were never allowed to go there by ourselves because  water from the … Continue reading 1958 Memory