Modern Manger?

What did the Bethlehem manger scene really look like?  I've seen it depicted in many ways, from a cold stark cave to a well-furnished stable with individual pens for the livestock.  History tells us that many households, depending on economic status, shared living quarters with their livestock.  So, let your imagination be your guide. It … Continue reading Modern Manger?

Back to the Future

  I love to look at old photos, especially those taken close to a hundred years ago.  The young lad in this photo was born in 2009, so it hardly counts as an "old photo", but the clothes reminded me of photos I've seen of European immigrants fresh off the boat, so I had to … Continue reading Back to the Future

Mop Head

 March is almost over, and I just realized that, for the most part, we have been spared the relentless, strong and blustery winds we usually get in March.  I'm sure they will get here eventually. This photo was taken during a soccer game last spring when the winds were howling.  This little girl finally gave up trying to … Continue reading Mop Head

Grandma’s Basement

I took this picture as part of a Basic Photography class, where the assignment was a low-light situation that required a time exposure.  Everyone can relate to this picture in some way: visiting your grandparent's house, and exploring the cellar, attic or some unused upstairs bedroom closet.  They are typically poorly lit and crammed with … Continue reading Grandma’s Basement