Monarch Hatching

This is my second butterfly "raised" and released, DP-2.  Like clockwork, it hatched on the 10th day of pupation. When the larva (caterpillar) pupates, it spins a cocoon-like shell around itself hanging from the bottom of a milkweed leaf or the top of the jar in my case.  The chrysalis (cocoon) is green as I … Continue reading Monarch Hatching


About a week ago, my daughter gave me a Monarch caterpillar she found in my milkweed garden.  She has been raising Monarchs for 3-4 years so I thought I might give it a go. I started a journal and gave it a name, DP-1, which comes from the Monarch's scientific name, Danaus plexippups.  It--no idea … Continue reading DP-1