July 4, 2016

I don't particularly care for cemeteries, the reminder of the end game, the final chapter, the dark side of life.  But, cemeteries are a fact of life, and the national cemeteries have a special meaning to me on this day, July 4th of every year. Some grave sites are beautifully decorated by family and loved ones, … Continue reading July 4, 2016

Dying Industry

Northwest of Saddle Creek Road and Leavenworth Street sits the rusting hulk of a bygone industrial era in Omaha history.  The Omaha Steel Casting ("OSC") plant opened in 1906, and I was fortunate to get a tour of the plant before it closed in 2014.   Click here and here for photos and stories of the … Continue reading Dying Industry


During my recent trip through New England, I strolled through a few country cemeteries, and was amazed at the age and condition of the tombstones.   New Hampshire is called the "Granite State", Vermont is known for its marble and slate is also quite abundant, so its no wonder that New England tombstones are made … Continue reading PLAN AHEAd