Musical Chairs

Fort Robinson Rodeo - 2022 A rodeo was a natural event/activity at Fort Robinson; herding, roping, branding, feeding and moving the Park's livestock are necessary skills for many park employees. Musical Chairs on horses offers a unique activity to show off their skills. Thought for the Day: Horse sense is the thing a horse has … Continue reading Musical Chairs

Prequel to Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Prequels are a Hollywood gimmick.  After Hollywood produces a great movie, they make three or more sequels, none of which are as good as the original.   After box-office returns dwindle, Hollywood tries to re-energize the public's interest with a prequel.  For example: Let's go back and show the origination of Darth Vader. Okay, how about … Continue reading Prequel to Goldilocks and The Three Bears