Happy Feet!

I was lucky to get this little guy with both feet off the ground, jumping so high that his shadow is separated from his body.   I think his coach told him that school starts this week. Thought for the Day:  The rule is perfect: in all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane.   Mark Twain

Fading Away

Summer is starting to fade away; organized baseball is over and for the most part, the brightly colored gloves are collecting dust in the closet.  Thankfully, colored gloves (even pink, for cryin' out loud!) are made only in the smallest sizes, where participation and fundamentals take priority over keeping score.  I suppose colored gloves make some … Continue reading Fading Away

Creepy Memories

Japanese Gardens Do you remember what movie scenes or make-believe stories scared the hell out of you as a kid, but now, as an adult you think of them as nothing but "kids' stories"?   For me, it was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Seems kind of silly now, but the "Mirror, mirror on the wall" … Continue reading Creepy Memories

Maundy Thursday

 When I was a little kid, the Easter season raised a lot of questions for me.   Christmas is easy for a kid to understand.  Everything about the Christmas season is joyous: the music, the food, the presents.  Chirstmas is celebrating the birth of a newborn baby, for cryin' out loud (oops, no pun intended there); … Continue reading Maundy Thursday

Eggs for Sale

This photo was taken at a friend's family farm in Northwest Iowa, but it reminds me so much of one of the many sheds my grandfather had on his farm.  My memories of Grandpa's tool shed are reignited by items in this photo. My grandparents never used an "Eggs for Sale" sign on their farm, but I remember seeing these signs along the … Continue reading Eggs for Sale