Halloween, 2016

Being an election year, you can bet the most popular Halloween masks will be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Uggh, gives me chills just thinking about the possibilities. Check out these costumes of 3-4 year olds.  Decent costumes: wholesome, All-American, tasteful, fun and not scary.  Oh, and let's not forget politically correct too ... unless … Continue reading Halloween, 2016

Elkhorn Days Parade

Baton twirlers from a local dance studio caught the envious eyes of two young girls along the parade route of the Elkhorn Days' Parade in eastern Nebraska.  Candy-gathering came to a complete halt while the youngsters studied the bright costumes, shining faces, and proud bearing of the middle school performers. Thought for the Day:  If you're not … Continue reading Elkhorn Days Parade

Angry Birds

In the spirit of Halloween, this family dressed up as Angry Birds, complete with a mean pig.  The costumes were 100% home-made from top to bottom by the yellow Angry Bird. In case you're wondering, Angry Birds is a computer game where the birds launch themselves with catapults at the pig's various fortresses.  The birds … Continue reading Angry Birds

Halloween Parties

Halloween parties create a lot of angst.  As an adult, there are other things to consider than just the candy.  Especially in this day and age, with all of the social media, who knows where a picture of you in a silly costume might show up.  Do you know the crowd that's been invited?  Do … Continue reading Halloween Parties