City Wall

Kotor City Wall City walls that protected medieval cities are not uncommon. But, the wall protecting Kotor, Montegero is in a class of its own. Built in the early 1400's, it is nearly five miles long, over 60' tall and 50' wide at its base. Thought for the Day: The strength of walls depends on … Continue reading City Wall

Crop Duster

Crop Duster My granddaughter and I were headed for the Lake when I spotted a small plane flying low to the ground. She had never seen a plane flying so close to the ground so I took the next gravel road to give her a better look. By then I could see the spray from … Continue reading Crop Duster


Remember that creepy house in your old neighborhood?  The one you avoided every day, not just Halloween.  Something about the place just scared the crap out of you. The one in my neighborhood had a crazy lady named Rosie living there.  She was thin, boney, and had scraggly mouse-brown hair.  I never went near her … Continue reading Creepy

City Bus Rides

Remember your first bus ride?  Actually, I only remember my second bus ride.  I was five years old, taking the bus home from morning kindergarten.  Going to school, I rode the bus with my older sister, so it was no big deal, but returning home by myself was a big deal. The bus driver missed … Continue reading City Bus Rides