Wildebeest Feast

Cheetah and Cubs A four-month old cub stands watch as Mom and sibling enjoy the rump of a freshly killed wildebeest. This was observed by over a dozen safari trucks parked in a semi-circle about 30 yards away. Safari drivers share information about major animal sightings, and cooperate in "circling the wagons" to provide good … Continue reading Wildebeest Feast

Tiger Mom

The term "Tiger Mom" has taken on a whole new meaning recently, the moms that push and prod their children to excel at everything. But, I like what this photo says about a tiger mom, i.e. the original meaning: loving, nurturing and protective.  Above all, protective.  She will do anything to protect her cubs, and … Continue reading Tiger Mom

Lion Cubs

Exciting times here in the Midwest, a new litter of lion cubs born at the zoo (Duh!  Did I have to mention that lions are not indigenous to Nebraska?)  about three weeks ago.  This little fella was the only one awake, tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling, pacing the floor, like he had something … Continue reading Lion Cubs