Nebraska Landscape

I needed a landscape for the theme of a photo contest.  One of the contest rules was the photo had to be taken after May, 2016.  I have plenty of sunsets, seascapes and landmarks, but no landscapes of exotic places. What's wrong with Verdigre, Nebraska!?   A farming community of Czech heritage in the northeast … Continue reading Nebraska Landscape


There is an old Czech Presbyterian church in southwest Saunders County, originally built in 1888 and rebuilt in 1928.  Whatever, it's an old church.  A friendly and inviting church too, near as I could tell; the doors were unlocked and I helped myself to some interior photos.  Very interesting, neat as a pin and obviously … Continue reading Ghosts?

Bohemian Cafe

    Another iconic restaurant of Omaha is closing soon.  The Bohemian Cafe, located on south 13th St. just south of William St, will close in September. The restaurant opened in 1924, and moved to the current location in 1959, where it has been the gathering place for Bohemian, Czech and Polish immigrants/descendants ever since. Waitresses wear traditional … Continue reading Bohemian Cafe