Paris Sunrise

Arc de Triomphe From the hotel, I walked 4-5 blocks to catch the sunrise over the Arc de Triomphe. With the tree-lined streets, I couldn't see the Arc during any part of the walk until it was right on top of me. Boom! Boy, that thing is huge. Sunday morning, not much traffic, but loads … Continue reading Paris Sunrise

1958 Memory

One of my favorite childhood memories is visiting my cousins in Brady, Nebraska; this picture in particular is fresh in my mind.  My uncle took my brother and I and his three sons to fish in the fore bay of the Jeffrey Lake Reservoir.  We were never allowed to go there by ourselves because  water from the … Continue reading 1958 Memory

Roman Amphitheater

One of the main attractions at Ceasarea is the Roman Theater; it presently seats 3,600 for summer concerts and performances. Only a few rows of the original stone seats remain (see photo at left).  It is a gorgeous venue, looking out over the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the antiquities of Ceasarea. While the structure was magnificent, I … Continue reading Roman Amphitheater