Sled Dog

Who Needs a Sled? Dogs like to be close to their human family, their pack. Whatever the family is doing, the family dog wants to be there, indoor or out. This dog didn't care much for riding on the sled, yet she wanted to actively participate in the fun. When the family made their first … Continue reading Sled Dog

Woof Woof!

Don't you just hate your neighbor's dog sometimes?  That incessant barking, like he's never going to shut up, on and on like a broken record.  Can't your neighbors hear their dog barking?  Your neighbor's dog is so undisciplined, so untrained, so out of control. You ask yourself, "Don't those people have any control of that dog?!" … Continue reading Woof Woof!

Baby, Dog and Ice Cream

A nine month old baby, a dog and an ice cream cone adds up to an adorable scene.  The toddler wants to share his ice cream cone with the dog, the four legged thing that has been with him since birth, his constant companion, and the one he relates to most except for his mother. … Continue reading Baby, Dog and Ice Cream