Christmas Tree

2010 The Christmas tree at the Durham Museum in Omaha, NE is a traditional favorite. The tradition started in the early 1930's when Union Pacific set up a tree in their railroad terminal. This year's tree stands over 45' tall. Now, that's a Christmas Tree! Thought for the Day: A love of tradition has never … Continue reading Christmas Tree

Cab Stand

50's Cab Stand Cab stands are no longer common place like they were in the 50's and earlier. This neon sign still stands bright in the lobby of the Durham Western Heritage Museum. Prior to becoming a museum in 1973, it was the Omaha Union Train Station. Originally built in 1899, it is a classic … Continue reading Cab Stand

Double Exposure

I merged a recent profile shot of my granddaughter with a photo I had taken of the statue of a girl waiting in the train station at the Durham Museum. Not too bad a match.  The combined image is more profound than I expected. The statue, cast in stone so to speak and never-changing, will never have a … Continue reading Double Exposure

Giant Christmas Tree

The giant Christmas tree in the Durham Museum is an annual tradition dating back to the 1930's.  Formerly the Union Station (train), the lobby was annually decorated with a giant Christmas tree to welcome holiday travelers coming and going throughout the Midwest. Initially, Union Pacific railroad employees would cut down a large evergreen along the railroad's right-of-way … Continue reading Giant Christmas Tree

Getting Directions

The two-year old's curiosity helped overcome her fear of the unknown.  Every day is something new.  Learning the difference between real and pretend is a high priority at this age ... and fascinating to watch. Thought for the Day:  Curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.                    … Continue reading Getting Directions