While cleaning out old files, I came across this chipmunk taken 11 years ago in Estes Park.  One of my first photos with a DSLR.  It needs a little head room, but otherwise a fairly decent shot.  BTW, the chipmunk was alive. Cute little fella. Thought for the Day:  One touch of nature makes the … Continue reading Chipmunk

Bull Elk

I found this beautiful bull elk tending his harem near Estes Park.  It was early morning, about an hour after sunrise.  The temperature was low 40's, cold enough to see his breath when he bugled. His harem of approximately two dozen were grazing in the tall grass, aware of my presence but not bothered by it. … Continue reading Bull Elk

Mountain Climbers

Why do men climb mountains?  "Because they're there," is what I've always heard.  As stupid as it sounds, that's exactly why a party of six mentally stable males decided to climb the mountain in the picture above.  I was joined by my two sons and three grand-sons (ages 5 to 67) to see what the view was like at … Continue reading Mountain Climbers

Thoughtful Rocks

I just returned from a trip to Estes Park, Colorado.  Rocky Mountain National Park is one of my favorite places in the world, and I'm happy to report that the National Park Service have put some of their rocks to good use. Thought for the Day:   For animals, the entire universe has been neatly divided … Continue reading Thoughtful Rocks