Beach Walking

On a bright sunny day in Central Florida, Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island was deserted.  Not a soul, not even a walker, let alone sun bathers. Wow, I had the beach to myself.  I stepped out beyond the sand dunes into the open expanse of beach ... and got smacked upside the head with … Continue reading Beach Walking

Lime Kiln

Lime kilns are used to heat limestone in order to create cement.  A seemingly endless vein of pure limestone and the growing demand for its use in road construction, mortar, etc. brought labor, industry and prosperity to Roche Harbor on San Juan Island. Early kilns, like the first two in Roche Harbor, were built out … Continue reading Lime Kiln

Mall of America

The first day on safari was basically a long ride from civilization to the bush.  It was  a long day in the safari truck, with many stops.  One stop was a thatched hut, a t-shirt shop (commercialism knows no boundaries), known for its quality and fair prices. A crazy location really, by itself, far from any … Continue reading Mall of America