Father’s Day – 1940’s

This is the oldest photo I could find of my Dad's earliest experience as a father.  It was taken in Washington, D.C., where he had worked in the Navy Chaplain's Office prior to joining the Navy.  The young father  is obviously beaming with pride, holding my sister. As a youngster, you don't appreciate your parents' rules, … Continue reading Father’s Day – 1940’s

Grandfather’s Day

Father's Day is more special now.  The primary role of a father is to raise his children to be responsible, self-reliant adults so that aspect of fatherhood no longer applies to me.  Now that I'm a grandfather, I reflect more on how my children (two sons and a daughter) are raising my grandchildren. My children have the daily … Continue reading Grandfather’s Day

Day after Father’s Day

Yeah, I know, I'm a day late with  Father's Day.  I had a wonderful day yesterday, made special  by my three kids and seven grand kids.  Like my wife said, "Did you ever think you would have grand kids, let alone seven?"   Wow!  But, I digress. All day yesterday I sort of had an … Continue reading Day after Father’s Day