Smash Cake

Remember your first birthday?  Of course you don't, maybe that's why we put so much emphasis on life's first major milestone.  I get very excited over First Birthdays, especially the part where they dig into the cake. In my day there were no "smash cakes", a special little cake for the One Year Old to … Continue reading Smash Cake


This young lad cleans up pretty good; this is the clean face and hands that belong to the frosting-coated fingers in a previous post.  (click here for more frosting)  Wearing the green and all the green frosting, he must be Irish. This is his official one-year portrait. Thought for the Day:  There was never a … Continue reading #1

Sticky Fingers

First birthday, life's first major mile stone.  The little guy gets a cake all to himself (I think it's called it a "smash cake"), one he can dig in to and destroy without any rules or constraints.  He gets to do everything his way.  Its his birthday, for cryin' out loud, and his first one … Continue reading Sticky Fingers