Monet’s House & Garden

Monet's House and Garden Two surprises awaited me when I visited Claude Monet's house and gardens in Giverny, France. One, his house was much bigger than I thought it would be -- a mansion for the times he lived, and two, his gardens were less formal than imagined. Mid summer was the perfect time to … Continue reading Monet’s House & Garden


Solitude A boy's version of a man cave is a tree house. When I was a kid, a neighbor and I used some scrap lumber and built a tree house in his elm tree. It was more like a platform spread across two sturdy limbs with no walls or any cover. Nothing fancy, but it … Continue reading Solitude


A seven foot high brick wall surrounded the property.  No roof or evidence of any building rose above the wall, only a few trees.  A curved brick walkway led to a gate, the only break in the brick wall.  Entry was denied by a heavy solid wooden door, locked with a sturdy gate latch.  The … Continue reading Opportunity

Master Gardener

Annually, there is a charity fundraising event that allows you to walk through the gardens of several local gardeners, serious gardeners.  These are a few shots taken at a local medical doctor's residence -- five acres of gorgeous plantings, tasteful yard art, and just plain relaxing beauty. Yes, this piece of Americana is the doctor's … Continue reading Master Gardener