Where’s Waldo

                Where's Waldo?  Where's Waldo when you need him?  Get Waldo in here to count the candles on the five year old's birthday cake.  Oh well, the birthday boy didn't notice. Nothing beats a pinata for a five year olds' birthday party.  I made this picture look like … Continue reading Where’s Waldo

Detroit Institute of Art

While in the Detroit area last weekend for a wedding, I visited the Detroit Institute of Art ("DIA").  A fabulous collection of art of all kinds, from all places, and artifacts from all eras, it would take several days to digest it all. Not too long ago, when Detroit was drowning in debt and its … Continue reading Detroit Institute of Art

Lion Cubs

Exciting times here in the Midwest, a new litter of lion cubs born at the zoo (Duh!  Did I have to mention that lions are not indigenous to Nebraska?)  about three weeks ago.  This little fella was the only one awake, tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling, pacing the floor, like he had something … Continue reading Lion Cubs