Sack Race

When you run out of things to do in South Haven, you can always turn to old fashioned fun and games. My entire family and my wife's brother's entire family met in South Haven, Michigan for a week-long reunion of the two families.  One day, we mixed the two families together into two teams that … Continue reading Sack Race

Grand Theater

Talk about "retro"!   This beautiful old theater in Grand Island, Nebraska has been refurbished and brought back to life in the style of its glory years. The marquee, the neon lights, the font used in the theater's name, the facing on the exterior walls, and the ticket window are just like they were in … Continue reading Grand Theater

Out to Pasture

I love old barns.  Regardless of how neglected or useless they look, they seem to have a quiet dignity about them, an aura of mystery and wisdom.  The saying, "If these walls could talk" always come to mind when I see an old barn like this. How many calves or colts were born in this … Continue reading Out to Pasture