Warnemunde, Germany

A sleepy little village of 5,000, Warnemunde, Germany has not quite woken up to the advantages of having cruise ships stop here.  Cruise ships began stopping here only about five years ago, so it's not touristy or commercialized yet ... prices are still reasonable. Quaint little shops line the pier with flower-draped lawns sloping gently … Continue reading Warnemunde, Germany

Passau Fortress

Passau, the last major city in Germany on the Danube and known as the City of Three Rivers, is located at the confluence of the Inn, Danube and Ilz Rivers. During medieval times, Passau was a trade center for "white gold" (salt).  The area was ruled by powerful monarchs with strong ties to the Roman … Continue reading Passau Fortress

Regensburg Stone Bridge

In the southeastern corner of Germany, where the Naab and Regen rivers flow into the Danube River, lies a well-preserved medieval town of Regensburg.  The Stone Bridge, completed in 1146, was the first bridge across the Danube, which opened major trade routes between Venice and Northern Europe.  It was recently cleaned as part of an … Continue reading Regensburg Stone Bridge

Candy Cane Cutey

How old is the candy cane?  According to my good friend, Cliff Claven (mailman from "Cheers"), "Ahhh, it's a little known fact that the candy cane was invented in Germany".   In 1672, a choirmaster in Cologne, Germany had a local candy maker prepare some "sweet sticks" to keep the children quiet during the Christmas … Continue reading Candy Cane Cutey


Sometimes it takes awhile to notice something or get to like something, like acquiring a taste for a certain food or drink.  For example, they say scotch is an acquired taste.  Acquired taste?  What does that mean?!   How do you acquire a taste for something that triggers the gag reflex everytime it touches your mouth?  Do … Continue reading Rathaus

Hamburg, Germany

Rebecca Hain came into our life in August, 1994.  She was 17 and left her home near Frankfurt, Germany to live a year with us as part of a student exchange program.  We met her parents, Klaus and Irene (pronounced "ear - reen' - a") in July, 1995 when they came to visit America and … Continue reading Hamburg, Germany