Crop Duster

Crop Duster My granddaughter and I were headed for the Lake when I spotted a small plane flying low to the ground. She had never seen a plane flying so close to the ground so I took the next gravel road to give her a better look. By then I could see the spray from … Continue reading Crop Duster

Meet & Greet

Phoebe & Remington Our #1 Granddaughter (oldest) introduced us to her latest "acquisition". This was close behind a new apartment, new car and other things she's done without the last four years, while getting her RN degree. Meet Remington, a Golden Retriever, only 8 weeks old. Awwww! Thought for the Day: Buy a pup and … Continue reading Meet & Greet

Slice & Dice

Slice & Dice I took my 6 year old granddaughter out to the garden to gather some spinach leaves. She is always eager to help. Her eyes lit up when I gave her the sharp paring knife to cut the stem while I held back the leaf; this was her first experience with a "sharp … Continue reading Slice & Dice

Time Flies

We celebrated the 16th birthday of our #4 grandchild this weekend.  Sweet 16.  She is the youngest in this photo, second from the left.  Cute as a button then, a beautiful intelligent and caring young lady now. Time flies! Thought for the Day:  They say I'm old-fashioned and live in the past, but sometimes I … Continue reading Time Flies

Fifth Birthday

My granddaughter is five years old today.  In this picture, she is wearing a knit outfit that her great grandmother made for Ava's grandmother.  All of our granddaughters have had their pictures taken in this or other outfits made by their great grandmother. I thought her expression fit a much older age of photography when … Continue reading Fifth Birthday

Latest Hair Style

I was outside my comfort zone -- in a dark arena with a lit stage, surrounded by screaming fans and ear-splitting "music".  On stage were energetic, athletic and fresh-faced middle-school girls looking possessed by the noise. My granddaughter's cheer team was competing in the USA cheer finals.  Many hours of practice go into their dance, tumbling and … Continue reading Latest Hair Style

Nana’s Hat

  I was at the Saunders County Fair last week to watch my oldest granddaughter compete in three horsemanship events.  Between events we would walk around and mingle with the crowd.  I was able to catch my youngest granddaughter (3) trying to escape the bright sun under my wife's hat. Mission accomplished! Thought for the … Continue reading Nana’s Hat

Double Exposure

I merged a recent profile shot of my granddaughter with a photo I had taken of the statue of a girl waiting in the train station at the Durham Museum. Not too bad a match.  The combined image is more profound than I expected. The statue, cast in stone so to speak and never-changing, will never have a … Continue reading Double Exposure


I attended my first cheer leading exhibition this past weekend; it was a dress rehearsal for my granddaughter's cheer team before they enter the competition season.  I didn't know what to expect from a bunch of middle-school cheer leader wannabees. I was impressed with their energy (middle- schoolers, duh), enthusiasm and teamwork.  I have nothing … Continue reading Cheerleaders


It's homecoming weekend and I had the privilege of photographing my 16 year-old granddaughter before she left.   A junior, this is her first big formal party she's attended. I can't believe my oldest grandchild is all grown up, doing so many things on her own already, like driving, working, volunteering at the hospital, making career … Continue reading Homecoming