Christmas Lights

The whole family and many friends jumped on Ollie the Trolley and toured Omaha's neighborhoods to see Christmas decorations.  Many houses are decorated by professionals these days, but you still see some obvious DIY creations. My favorite is the one pictured above.  I call it the "Griswold House" because it reminded me of Clark Griswold's DIY … Continue reading Christmas Lights

Directional Sign

I love signs.  I especially like signs that have double meanings in their text or in their surroundings. This sign, painted on the side of a building, was directing people to the front door of the reception office.  Nothing special about it.  But, with the man walking in front of the sign, the sign came … Continue reading Directional Sign

Random Thoughts

Even a four-year old has random thoughts.   Four year olds generally just ask lots of questions, but once in a while they surprise you with a statement that makes you wonder what goes on in that little head.   Out of the blue, my grandson starts talking about "girl babies." He says, "Girl babies … Continue reading Random Thoughts

Dumb Questions

The person who said, "There is no such thing as a dumb question" is one of three things:  1) naive, 2) over-the-top politically correct, or 3) a bachelor.  "Are you asleep?" has to be one of the dumbest questions EV ver. Let me set the stage for you.  I'm an early-to-bed-early-to-rise person, so I'm always … Continue reading Dumb Questions

Honest Trucker

Admittedly, this photo will not win any photo contests.  C'mon, I was buzzing down the interstate at 80 mph in western Wyoming when I came upon this truck.  Not the best shooting conditions, so cut me some slack.  When I realized what the sign was telling me, I was already even with the truck and … Continue reading Honest Trucker

Double Vision

Last week, I was giving my three year old grandson a horse back ride when a strange thing happened.  The "horse" got spooked, threw its rider, and conked his head on the furniture. I don't think I lost consciousness, but when I opened my eyes I was seeing double. Whooaa, Nellie! Thought for the Day: … Continue reading Double Vision

Sun Worship

The last month of oppressive heat and especially the last four days being over 100 degrees reminded my of this chap getting an early start on his sun tan back in February.  But, wait, there's more to this story than just a pretty picture. When I came upon this scene, I was struck by the … Continue reading Sun Worship

Soooo Big!

You know the game that mothers play with their infant:  She holds the little tyke's hands while he faces her and asks, "How big is James?".   Then, while raising the baby's hands high above his head, she answers her own question in a high pitched voice, "Soooo Big".  Sometimes the baby laughs and sometimes … Continue reading Soooo Big!

Day after Father’s Day

Yeah, I know, I'm a day late with  Father's Day.  I had a wonderful day yesterday, made special  by my three kids and seven grand kids.  Like my wife said, "Did you ever think you would have grand kids, let alone seven?"   Wow!  But, I digress. All day yesterday I sort of had an … Continue reading Day after Father’s Day

Secret Stash

I always like to have a backup plan.  You know, like a spare tire if you get a flat, an alternate route if the bridge is out, a spare case of beer just in case, etc.   I even have a backup plan for a Wall Street crash, a secret stash of financial security. This … Continue reading Secret Stash

Rattlesnakes Only!

I was in Arizona during the recent GOP Presidential debates, their primary is tomorrow.  This sign was in a sparsely populated area where few people would ever see it.  I thought the sign would be more effective if it was posted at the entrance to the halls of Congress in Washington, DC. Thought for the … Continue reading Rattlesnakes Only!

TP Hanging

Ben Franklin felt it unwise to discuss religion or politics with friends, that these two volatile subjects could result in dissolved friendships.  This confirms that toilet paper wasn't available in the late 1700's, otherwise Ben would have included toilet paper as another avoidable topic of friendly conversation.   (Geez, I'm not exactly sure when toilet … Continue reading TP Hanging

Mother Goose

I'm almost certain this is Mother Goose.  She wasn't wearing a shawl, grandma glasses and a dowdy old hat.  Of course not, she was probably incognito.  She wasn't reciting "Hey Diddle Diddle" or "Hickory Dickory Dock"; that would call too much attention to herself.  But, I know it was her, it had to be.  Why? … Continue reading Mother Goose

Bananas — Wonder of the World

I love bananas.  I love bananas raw; I love bananas on my cereal.   I like banana bread, banana creme pie, bananas foster, banana splits, banana pudding, banana yogurt, I even like watching monkeys eat bananas ... oh, but I digress. Bananas are a small miracle when you think about it.  I buy bananas 2-3 times … Continue reading Bananas — Wonder of the World

Old School

I remember these ... well, I don't remember using one, and I've never seen a picture of me in one, but I remember seeing them around the neighborhood when I was a kid.  I suppose they came in other colors too, but blue is the only color I remember.   Maybe only boys used them. … Continue reading Old School

Christmas Aversions

Is there something about Christmas that you loathe, something you really can't stand, something you would rather do without?  Not the obvious things that are unanimously disliked, but tolerated, because "tis the season",  like:  the commercialism, the  music that plays 24/7 on every station and starts around Labor Day, the pushing and shoving at the … Continue reading Christmas Aversions

Deluxe Wagon

This must have been the best wagon Ev-ver ... top-of-the-line, deluxe model, probably the cadillac of all kids' wagons ever made.  Check this out: a super durable, solid hardwood box with weather-resistant finish, solid steel wheels with rubber tires for quiet comfortable rides, steel axles with ball bearings for friction-free motion, and a hardwood handle … Continue reading Deluxe Wagon


During my recent trip through New England, I strolled through a few country cemeteries, and was amazed at the age and condition of the tombstones.   New Hampshire is called the "Granite State", Vermont is known for its marble and slate is also quite abundant, so its no wonder that New England tombstones are made … Continue reading PLAN AHEAd